Grierson Documentary Lab 2013

2 Aug

The Grierson Trust is again working in partnership with First Light to continue to provide opportunities for young people from across the UK to train for a career in documentaries. We have recruited 10 young people with a fresh take on documentary filmmaking and factual content which is not currently reflected on screen.

New Entrants

This unique opportunity for new entrants who have a strong interest in documentaries, provides opportunities to meet and hear from experienced professionals working in the sector.

The intensive 3 day residential Grierson Documentary Lab included:

  • An introduction to the genre and different types of documentaries and styles of shooting.
  • Learning about how to research ideas, develop and pitch them.
  • Script development focusing on structure and story.
  • Exploring production roles and a practical exercise to experience the different positions.
  • Information, advice and careers guidance.

Other Opportunities

In addition, participants also attended the Sheffield Doc Fest in mid June, benefitted from a 2 day self shoot/editing training weekend and they also have the opportunity to volunteer at The Quadrangle Film Festival.

Successful applicants are supported to maximise their potential through mentoring, and can be offered a paid two week work placement with a production company in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Manchester or London.


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